I am Son and I am of Vietnamese origin. With Marine, my partner, we decided to engage in a cultural Franco-Vietnamese association in Indre and Loire. Vietnamese colours, for our two children, then for all those interested in the Vietnamese culture living near Tours. We support the education of a child since December 2010. We wanted to help according to our possibilities, a child of Vietnam but also a humanitarian association that could act in the field and supervise the activities daily as does Marc de Muynck very efficiently. I suppose the term foster parent home has not the same meaning for everyone. We, we want to encourage our foster son to continue his education so that he can develop according his capabilities. And we wanted to allow our children too to have a relationship with a brother in Vietnam. We chose a boy because we have two sons. We met him in July 2011. It was a moment of joy and moving at the same time, to see him drawing with his friends and our children. Then see the other children come to us and have them guess in Vietnamese the coloured animals! We were happy to meet our foster son, but even more so to know that he was in a good environment and that somehow, we become foster parents according our means of a large number of children. For now we just are happy to follow the news of the orphanage via the mails of the association. We expect perhaps wrongly that our eldest boy of 4 year begins to write him in Vietnamese or send him drawings for some exchange.