My name is Patrick and my wife is called Francine. We are originally from the Ardennes, but we live in the Isère for 30 years now. I am retired for almost 2 years, and we joined the association about 1 year ago. I wanted to help people in need, it is for that reason that I try to contribute in a modest way to relieve and improve the life of a young Vietnamese. I was always attracted by Asian countries. I found the Children of the Dragon “by chance” on the internet. I’ve seen what they already accomplished and that impressed me. Since April 2011 we are fostering a girl, Anh, we visited in April. It was a very emotional moment, but the visit was too short, just a few hours. We intend to return as soon as possible. We communicate via emails, postcards sent to the headquarters of the association in Quarouble and via skype. It is sometimes very frustrating, because we cannot communicate directly with our foster daughter and since we do not speak Vietnamese a real communication is not really possible.