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Les compas d'frontières
Scouts de France

(Français) Scouts de Cergy Juillet 2015

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(Français) Groupe :la Goutte d'Eau"

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(Français) Les compagnons de Jarny

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Students translate in Mekong delta river.

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Students translate in orphanages

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Yannick Monnier Spirulina trainer.


  subjected spirulina producing in Bo Na and Hau Boi from August 5th to june 4th, 2013

Within the association "les Enfants du dragon" in the Mekong Delta area in Vietnam.

Hope holder, in specie, of new sources of spirulina coming from France, in the frame of training ending a formation in the growing of spirulina toward a humanitarian aim, I came to Vietnam bearing two missions from Marc de Muynck, on a part to reseed the cultures reaching a too high proportion of  "straights" and beside secure a training about hygiene rules to local farmer.

I spent a first two weeks period alone and to this aim was joined by my promotion comrade Julien Cotta, with whom we realized the whole of those actions.

We effectively proposed to the "enfants du dragon" an enrich an project of a four hands training to answer to the whole mission,  amid the too short time of a training, also, after Julien will come Ekidou and Guillaume that to extend to almost four months with small overlapping periods to transfer the information.

After a compulsory time observing and adaptation, equally time to understand the acting protocols over the farms, I did comply to retake the said protocols to restart sanely from new Stocks.

The stocks, a Paracas issued from a southern France exploitation, did  fit and produced better signs of acclimatization to finally show fragile , proliferating straights that drove us to disqualify the specie profiting the other.

The other strain Toliara coming from the CFPPA of Hyères under my proposal, knowing the problem of straights on the related cultures by M De Muynck,to have observed it during four months and admitted its wonderful stability.

Effectively after an adaptation, a bit weary, it was the Toliara specie which has shown as the most promising.

I organized a sensitization session to the closest to the european hygiene standards without falling into a discrepancying wide toward local conditions.

A manual of good uses was edited and translated at this occasion.

We have, with Julien, arrived since, placed the accent on the cultural protocols, particularly upon the harmonization of the two farms unused the same organic fertilizer and the stocks doubling. The choice of intrants and perpetuation of their supplies was a long and delicate subject. Then after diagnosis, we participated to reset the ponds, I left leaving my comrade in charge to pursue  the operations  and transmit them later.

Yannick Monnier, Paris July 20th, 2013


(Français) Julien Cotta formateur en culture de spiruline

Report on Spirulina farm training in Bô Na and Hậu Bối -From 17 may to 16 june 2013

Volunteers from NGO "Les enfants du dragon" immediately took care of me as soon as I arrive in Vietnam, which is very kind and conveninent to get used smoothly to the country after a long trip from France.

We soon went to the production farms where I met my colleague Yannick Monnier. I then realise all jobs which has been already done by the farmers, heir families and volunteers who came here before us.

Our  daily jobs in the Spirulina farms was mainly as follow:

- Renewal of Spirulina stems: complete purge of tanks, to replace “Paracas” steams with “Toliara”, from Madagascar, and in excellent conditions.

- Renovation of the tanks, which was damaged through time with cracks. Use of a waterproof cement slab.

- Training of staffs on safety and hygiene, especially during harvesting.

- Renovation of storage rooms (cleaning, housekeeping).

- New software tools, and revision of work instructions and forms to follow-up process.

- Fixing green-house and complete change of Bo-Na roofing.

Thoses actions have been implemented in full cooperation with current farmers of Bô Na and Hậu Bối sites. It has been very fruitfull for everybody, included students who came to support with translations between volunteers and farmers.

Knowledge and technics shared during this trainee period have been of great help to sustain farms on a long term.

I would like to thank all those who gave assistance throughout my stay, especially Marc De Muynck and the producers, Father Antoine Nguyen and Chu Nam May (as well as his whole family for their warm welcome).

 Julien Cotta


We will never forget the families who welcomed us or whom we helped...

6 months of intensive preparations for a humanitarian mission that will give us unerasable memories. We are two students who have decided to dedicate two months of our life to give long-lasting help to families living at the other end of the world. Together with the Association "Children of the Dragon", we decided to raise money to build two houses for poor families in Vietnam. We will never forget the families who welcomed us and whom we helped, their smiles, time spent together like karaoke and their gifts. Giggles when we tried to make ourselves understood mimicking animals, objects with a glass of iced coffee. The language barrier is not a problem it makes the exchanges more interesting.

Laura et Pierre-Yves

It was a great adventure, very rewarding

The children taught us a lot, humility in particular, and we were very sad when we left them. Indeed, they were all so different and interesting. We thought it was possible not to become attached, but we failed. Indeed, how to resist the small faces of those little monks?!

Lea et Julie

We leave with a new perspective on the world

We are very happy that we had the chance to live this unique experience where sharing was very important. We gave, but we also received a lot from the natives. We come away with a new perspective on the world, the knowledge of a new culture and a new reality, as well as the discovery of another way of life, which was certainly different, but that has as much value and is charming in its way.

Estelle et Camille

An unforgettable experience

This is undoubtedly our best traveling experience, because we shared this family’s life for two weeks, we worked hard, we saw the house be finished and the children come and live there at the end. The parents, who became our friends, thanked us as never before. We would give anything to repeat this unforgettable experience

Kevin et Alex

The volunteers do an amazing job

Thanks to Marc, we could intervene in two schools in Vietnam. We met him in Saigon where he showed us his work. We went to one of the orphanages they help. Marc and the volunteers do an incredible job on the field.

Jeremie et Marie-Anne

It really warmed my heart

Everything went well in Phú An, even very, very well!!

I was able to find three of the houses we had built there, I find it extraordinary! One of the houses meant a lot to me, I got along well with the inhabitants and we were even invited for lunch. It really warmed my heart and I almost cried several times this Friday...

I cannot thank you enough!

Kevin Caille.


An unforgettable experience

We gave parts of ourselves, but we received more: the joy we could bring is the most beautiful reward for us. Such a project required considerable efforts in terms of preparation, realization and proper execution, but in return, it offered us much more than expected. It will remain an exceptional life experience for us.

Anais, Victor et Louis

We leave with our pockets full of smiles

Despite a communication that is often limited to simple signs, the most rewarding is to live with the children’s pace of life. Once the shyness barrier has disappeared, exchanges are created and personalities reveal themselves. The good mood of these kids contrasts with their own family histories, which are sometimes terrible. We leave the orphanage with our pockets full of smiles, with one goal in mind: coming back…