Here you can read the testimonials of the foster dads and moms of the fostered children.

To foster a child at the other end of the world is above all a great affair of the heart and a choice that needs to be well considered

My grandfather has lived in Vietnam a large part of his life and he was fluent in Vietnamese. He married an Indochinese, my grandmother originally from Hue. We are foster parents since October 2011 of a little girl, Quynh Nhur. She will be nine years at the end of the year. Since that moment no day goes by without thinking about her. Solidarity must help those who need it most. Our action towards her is to help her within our possibilities to start her life well and to provide in her needs for training, education and her well-being. Additionally we will try to bring her the maximum of human warmth and love even though the distance and the language barrier are major obstacles. What a wonderful moments to see each other and talk with each other directly. When we communicate with our foster daughter, it is very difficult for us to think about the other children who are not so lucky to have a foster dad or mom. To foster a child at the other end of the world is above all a great affair of the heart and a choice that needs to be well considered, because you commit yourself vis-à-vis him or her to support him or her morally and to provide him or her a quality education.

Paulo et Josiane

I returned home from Vietnam enriched by the intense emotions experienced in the orphanage

When they asked me if I prefered to foster a boy or a girl, I immediately thought of my grandson, whose mother is South-American and whose father is and that with a little Vietnamese I saw the three continents approaching each other. And finally small Buom became my foster daughter. She is 8 years old and when I saw her eyes on a photo, I was moved. I met her spring 2012 during my first (because there will be others ...) trip to Vietnam. I immediately recognised her among the other children in the orphanage. She was so cute with her beautiful hair just cut. She seemed shy and naughty at the same time. We communicated with our eyes: the smile, the sweetness. You should of course not expect outpourings but the eyes speak for themselves. Buom was very interested in the contents of my suitcase from which emerged clothing, gifts she was eager to show to her little friends and all started to play immediately. This is how they changed the doll, gave her a bottle.
I came home from Vietnam with beautiful images of this wonderful country, but especially enriched by the intense emotions experienced at the orphanage during the encounter with Buom and the other children. Thanks to Tam I have been able to communicate with them via Skype. Buom knows thanks to this moment on Skype that I think about her, and that keeps, extends the moment I spent with her in March! It is with time and patience that bonds are created and it is good to show that we are there as a foster mom or dad for birthdays and Vietnamese holidays.


Foster parenthood means to commit yourself for a long time

Being a sponsor means committing for a long time, if the child is young, to accompany and assist him or her on the long road of life, this life that has been difficult for some children since the day they were born. After several visits to orphanages Marc, I could see what he did for these children and we decided to become foster parents. The most moving moment is the moment that we choose to become foster mom and dad. We do not have kids but I guess it's like a birth (except that we are not parents), you cannot choose, we accept the child as it is. It is difficult to become foster mom and dad. You help a child but they cannot choose us. This is all a long apprenticeship to tame the child. As Saint-Exupéry said in the Little Prince "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." Foster a child to help him or her grow up and have a decent education is a good thing. But all this action must remain within certain limits, as the children we help are under the responsibility of the house they live in. I think this is a big thing for the children to know that in a distant country there are people with a big heart who think about them. It is also good to remember that these children do not "belong" to us. These children are not our children and they are not under our care. When we visit the houses where children live we are guests to come and visit these children and we have no right regarding neither the caring nor the way these children are cared for and raised. Even if sometimes this may be contrary to what we would like or want. As I am an overseas Vietnamese (Viet Kieu) it makes sense to choose Vietnam. Since forever Vietnam is in my flesh and my heart. Fostering is good because you leave the child in his or her natural environment, the world he or she knows. I have seen that the adaptation and integration in another life, another culture, another world is not easy. That is why I have always been against adoption, to uproot a child from his own land, his or her culture, creates unthinkable physical and mental suffering. It takes years to find your own culture again, if you are lucky and if you have a strong personality.

Tam et Anne

We became foster parents according our possibilities of a large number of children

I am Son and I am of Vietnamese origin. With Marine, my partner, we decided to engage in a cultural Franco-Vietnamese association in Indre and Loire. Vietnamese colours, for our two children, then for all those interested in the Vietnamese culture living near Tours. We support the education of a child since December 2010. We wanted to help according to our possibilities, a child of Vietnam but also a humanitarian association that could act in the field and supervise the activities daily as does Marc de Muynck very efficiently. I suppose the term foster parent home has not the same meaning for everyone. We, we want to encourage our foster son to continue his education so that he can develop according his capabilities. And we wanted to allow our children too to have a relationship with a brother in Vietnam. We chose a boy because we have two sons. We met him in July 2011. It was a moment of joy and moving at the same time, to see him drawing with his friends and our children. Then see the other children come to us and have them guess in Vietnamese the coloured animals! We were happy to meet our foster son, but even more so to know that he was in a good environment and that somehow, we become foster parents according our means of a large number of children. For now we just are happy to follow the news of the orphanage via the mails of the association. We expect perhaps wrongly that our eldest boy of 4 year begins to write him in Vietnamese or send him drawings for some exchange.

Son et Marine

We have the intention to come back as soon as possible

My name is Patrick and my wife is called Francine. We are originally from the Ardennes, but we live in the Isère for 30 years now. I am retired for almost 2 years, and we joined the association about 1 year ago. I wanted to help people in need, it is for that reason that I try to contribute in a modest way to relieve and improve the life of a young Vietnamese. I was always attracted by Asian countries. I found the Children of the Dragon "by chance" on the internet. I've seen what they already accomplished and that impressed me. Since April 2011 we are fostering a girl, Anh, we visited in April. It was a very emotional moment, but the visit was too short, just a few hours. We intend to return as soon as possible. We communicate via emails, postcards sent to the headquarters of the association in Quarouble and via skype. It is sometimes very frustrating, because we cannot communicate directly with our foster daughter and since we do not speak Vietnamese a real communication is not really possible.

Patrick et Francine

I am happy to be a foster mom and I hope that other teenagers will commit

My name is Laura and I am 15 years old. I am happy to be a foster mom and I hope that other teens will engage with the association. I asked to be foster mom myself of my little Bao of my heart, because I found him adorable on the photo on the website "the Children of Dragon". He is 6 years. I have not been able to see him in his orphanage in Vietnam, but it will happen. I have pictures of Bao in my room and I have sent pictures of me too. We have been able to see each other on Skype with Tam. He is Vietnamese and lives in Switzerland, but often visits Vietnam. To see each other via Skype is awesome and great, even if we do not understand and we are both shy!!! But to see the smiles of our small pieces of heart is really important for the bond that unites us, and tell him that he is part of my family, that we love him and that I'll be at his side long. I already visited Vietnam in 2010. After this trip I became a foster mom. What made me decide to become a foster mom is that I saw myself the misery and families in difficulty in Vietnam when I visited it on foot. And it's important for me to help and bring the affection to another child because I am lucky enough not to miss anything.


I wanted to give back a bit of the luck I have had in lilfe

It is two years now that I foster a child with the Children of the Dragon. I had thought about it for a long time, because I wanted to give back a little bit of luck I have had in life. I have done it when I had the means, the moment I discovered the association. I'm still learning to be a foster mother because it is still new to me. I try to show her that despite the distance, I think about her and that I accompany her. I sponsor a 10 years old girl I have not met yet, but I have been able to see her and talk with her on Skype. The first question my foster daughter asked me was: "Do you love me?" I did not expect it, especially because it is quite shy in front of the camera. I was really touched. Now, it encourages me to be more demonstrative in my exchanges with her in writing or orally.