Mme Anh Đào Traxel
On 2 May 2012, Mr. Emmanuel Traxel, secretary general of the EEDCM association (Etoile Européenne du Dévouement Civil et Militaire = European Star of Civil and MilitaryDevotion) informed us that that Mrs. Anh Đào Traxel, nicknamed by the press “Ambassador of the weakest and neediest”,  but also President of the association “l’EEDCM”, was delighted to accept to become the  foster mother of our association.

Mrs Anh Đào Traxel, born as Dương Anh Đào on 22 August 1957, became the foster daughter (not adopted) of Jacques and Bernadette Chirac at the age of 21 when she came to France.

In her capacity of foster mother, she can, if her full agenda allows her, support our charity events with her presence.

You can see the national and international solidarity actions of EEDCM on the following site:

Let’s work collectively to help those whose pain and suffering areunfortunately part of everyday life”

(Mrs. Anh-Dao Traxel)