With a little delay, this is the end of the 2016 program with our partner “BASAID”: 6 families of the village of Phước Lại, district of Cần Giuộc have each benefited from 4 concrete tanks. This reservoir of rainwater is used for the needs of the kitchen during the 6 months of dry season.

Presentation of the region:
The city of Cần Giuộc is a city established on an area of 210 km², population: approx. 166 000 inhabitants = 790 / km2 and comprises 73 hamlets. Agricultural land represents about 120 km2 of the territory and 40 for the industry. Approximately 4,000 very poor households

Access to clean water remains low, about 1,500 families do not have access to drinking water for their daily use and often lack water during dry seasons. Digging a well in this area is not a good solution because the water sources are contaminated by salt water and cannot be used for daily needs.

Households routinely use water stored in holding ponds, non-saline water channels to meet their daily needs in the early months of the dry season. Then the storage facilities are dry, microbial contamination and pollution by organic matter directly affect health, which is why people should use water tanks. The population stores rainwater in reservoirs, but often in too small quantities that do not meet the needs, they use this water to drink, but many households do not have a water tank.


Few pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcopolo1949/sets/72157631619807889/.