Dears Friends,

This is with genuine emotion that we are celebrating today the groundbreaking ceremony of our “Heart Project” for orphans and poor children in this center which shall be able to accomodate in its final pahse 100 children.
Our wish is to see them growing peacefully and in a good environment in respect of traditions and vietnamese culture.

This project in on line with our campaigns in favor of education and insertions of those childs in the society, and the main objectives are as follow:

1. EDUCATION: (fighting against illiteracy and exclusion): giving children the possibility to become actors in their country allowing them to profit of a normal scholarship. The center « les enfants du dragon » will participate financing the charges of studies for those orphans.

2. ART and CULTURE: creation of an artistic workshop to sensibilise children to Vietnamese art and culture (for example: through painting, music and Vietnamese dances,..).

3. TRAINING: The welcoming center will include a training center to manual works aiming to progressively open to ordinary working milieus, particularly to those who would be intellectually limited in studies.

4. HEALTH: The center will dispose of a sick bay and a medical survey of the children will be set up.

This is a sustainable project, and not only puctual help to families.

La construction de cet orphelinat n’est pas notre seul chantier. Nous œuvrons aussi dans les provinces de Long An, Đồng Nai, Sóc Trăng, TPHCM au profit des enfants et des plus démunis, mais ce projet est majeur pour notre petite ONG.

On the optimistic side, we are the first NGO to carry on such a project in this province, adn we want to make an example. We have proved that a small group can get organised and realise a project of such a scale.

We wish to insist on the fact that it has been a real pleasure to gestate this project in close cooperation with local authorities, partners, to make our dreas reality.

On the pessimistic side, the way is still long, and this is only the first step. We still need to gather enough funds for the other phases of constructions, and find equipments, furnitures, enough running costs and staffs to make it operates properly.We are so proud to be involved in this and hopefully inspire more followers to help the ones who need it more.

Thanks for your attendace, and wishing to see you all and other very soon for the opening ceremony!