24/04/2017: Arrival yesterday and after a quick visit of the city center with My Hao, the team “UN MO DOU” (Florian, Lisa, Julien, Guillaume, Antoine – IAE of Caen) went to the Orphanage where they will be housed for the duration of their participation in the construction site of a charity house. The luggage deposited, they went to make acquaintance with the family which benefits from their donation. We wish them good luck and good luck! 
A beautiful T-shirt that presents the partners and sponsors of their mission.

2404 volontaires

27/04/2017: Some photos of the group of volunteers ” UN MO DOU ” currently on site in Cần Giuộc. The work progresses well, at lunch they eat with the family who will have the house and in the evening in a small cafe opposite the orphanage, the owner, Mrs. Bay, prepares them a family kitchen … 
Volunteers in Vietnam are invited to visit them … (it is 4 km from the orphanage …).

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28/04: Thanks to Sébastien Bonniol and Chris Wilson-ukulele who offered us each 3 bicycles
for our orphanage, it is the 1st time that they are “operational” (the bicycles …) and allow the whole team of volunteers ” UN MO DOU ” – IAE of Caen – to go to the site Of construction of the charity house they financed, this afternoon they helped the Vietnamese workers to do the cement coatings. 
When they returned from work, they began to make some storage in the dormitories of the orphanage.

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05/05/2017: A day in Cần Giuộc with the volunteers of the mission ” UN MO DOU ” (IAE of Caen – Florian, Lisa, Julien, Antoine, Guillaume and Mả Hảo translator).The morning began with a giving of gifts to children of 8 primary schools in the city (school uniforms and bicycles) in the presence of municipal authorities, represented education and the Red Cross. We then went on to inaugurate the almost completed charity house of Mr Hở Van Hai’s family. 
We warmly thank this team of friendly and generous volunteers who will leave on Sunday to France with unforgettable memories.

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