22/05/2017: Meeting with the local authorities who gave us the conclusions of the control commission, regarding the authorization to receive the first children in our orphanage in Cần Giuộc. All these conclusions are relatively satisfactory, but concerns have nevertheless been expressed on the following points: 
– 1 – Place a fence above the small wall on the terrace (danger for children), 
– 2 – Finalize the fire safety (it was planned). 
– 3 – Making a second wastewater treatment tank (xử lý nước thải) … According to the local representative of the Division of Natural Resources and Environment (phnng Tài nguyên và Môi trường), the one we have is judged too small for the number of children that we will welcome in the long term. The builder of the building was very dubious on this assertion and this requirement

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