Acting without imposing ourselves: the beneficiaries specify their needs. Making actions durable if need be. Urgency requires punctual and immediate action outside the established plannings…

The association “Les enfants du dragon” is anxious to be efficient by respecting human beings and their fundamental rights, culture, laws and national programs.

It plays a role only on local demand and in tight cooperation with the local partners.

Humanism is its main driving force. Humanism is a philosophical attitude that puts man and the human values at the heart of its questionings.

  • Humanism, a doctrine based on man’s dignity, allows being sensible to men’s joys and pains, to their work and their expectations.
  • Humanism prevents from ignoring hunger, thirst, cold, pain and illness.
  • Humanism forbids from ignoring the detrimental effects of wars and natural disasters.
  • Finally, humanism makes our missionaries offer their time and expertise and get involved on a voluntary basis alongside the local partners. The association “Les enfants du dragon” contributes to health improvement and social promotion in Vietnam in this spirit.