Our action in Vietnam started at our friend Marc De Muynck’s initiative. When he retired, he traveled all over Asian countries, always facing misery and especially the situation of abandoned street children, which hurt is soul. Realizing this made him promise to give a lot of himself in humanitarian aid. After traveling all over those countries and doing several quick or episodic actions with non-governmental organizations, he came back to Vietnam in early January 2007 and settled up there. He decided to act by giving priority to urgent aid of the poorest people with the help of humanitarian organizations, relations and friends to whom he asked help for realizing his projects…

That’s why in 2007:

  • In the village of Phu An, province of Dong Nai, in partnership with “Coup de Pouce humanitaire” and “Solidari Terre” – a student association from the école centrale de Lyon: building of 24 “affection houses” in aid of the poorest people in the town; and in the parish, complete development of a computer room with 16 computers for the young people in the village. These projects answer a demand from the beneficiaries and are studied in cooperation with them. They take part in
  • In Ho Chi Minh City, with the support of “BASAID-Novartis”: restoration and ground elevation of a nursery school in his neighborhood that was often inundated, purchasing of small school material and restoration of a Buddhist school’s orphanage in this very disadvantaged neighborhood. A financial aid was granted for restoring and closing the field of a mothers’ home in Long Khanh (Đông Nai).
  • A rather important anonymous donation was received. It was shared between a foster care dedicated to abandoned children and a community in the high plateau.
  • In early November 2008: child sponsoring implementation in orphanages.
  • In 2008, Peter Latzko, a film-maker, contacted him in order to make a documentary film untitled “Les enfants du dragon”.
  • January 2009: 4 new houses, as well as 5 other houses in early February 2009 are built in the village of Phu An with the partnership of “Coup de Pouce humanitaire”.
  • Short-stay tourists, friends or acquaintances punctually and generously brought direct help: various donations of medicines, school stationary, toys… .
  • Numerous volunteers came here and there to help out: giving care, running school tutoring activities, leisure and games, taking part in different tasks and daily work, in all those “affection homes” and orphanages.
  • In February 2009, the idea to create an association with a group of friends was born.

That was the actions’ history. Now begins the real story of the association “LES ENFANTS DU DRAGON”. Let’s hope it is successful and has a long life!