09/01/2017 :We distribute today the sponsorships for the second half of 2016 to the orphanages we support: “Mai Am Thien Thần” and a few gifts for children: PHAN KIM TUYEN (Catherine), HO GIA BAO (Max) THE KIM CANG (Richard), KIM DUNG (Brigitte O), Kim Giap (Sandra), Kim Tung (Brigitte B).


08/01/2017 : We distribute today the sponsorships for the second half of 2016 to the orphanages we support: “Mái Ấm Truyền Tin” and “Mái Ấm Minh Tâm”, those sponsorships are in fact very welcome in this time of the year, since the Tradition is to buy new clothes for “Tết Nguyên đán” (28/01/2017).


12/01/2017 : We distribute today the sponsorships for the for the children of “Trường Tiểu Học An Vĩnh Ngãi ». The 100 km trip from 2 volunteers has not been deducted from the donation, as usual.
Since young Thanh Tuyên was not here at the time of the distribution, the Director gave it to her later in the same day.


14/01/2017 : The volunteers left at 7 :00 in the morning to meet with Quynh Nhu sponsored by Paulo and Josiane at 10:30 in front of the market – Chợ Đồng Phú, huyện Đồng Phú, Bình Dương.
We then went to next town to buy a bicycle for the young girl, and then joined everybody to meet her father who is renting the place for 500.000VND/month. There is no furniture except few plastic stools, Quynh Nhu who is 13 is in grade 8 and his brother, Hung Ky 14, who is not yet sponsored has been placed in the same year in various institutions. We then went back to Saigon around 4 :30 pm after a 250 km trip, (I remind that the costs related to the trips have not been deducted from any donation, but bared by the volunterer themselves).


15/01/2017 : This Sunday morning, we meet with two ladies from Dunkerk (Brigitte Verkoucke and her sister) who are planning to open a branch of our NGO in the North region of France. After that, we headed for North under a heavy rain, to give the sponsorship to Thu Phương (Heart Surgery sponsorship) and her sister Thu Hà (Marie-laurence Vacherr). Khoa (Marie Garel) was there too with her mother suffering from a arm injury.
Thu Phương would need a computer, if possible laptop, the one we offered to her some year ago is not working anymore. Khoa would love to have a bike – he will xrite a letter to her sponsor when he can use his arma again.
We eventually manager to give all the sponsorhips of the second semester before Têt holidays which will start by next week.
A big thanks to all sponsors to those lucky children.