The sponsorship – 23/09/2017: Despite the attack of bronchitis we left in the rain for “Mái ấm Minh Tâm” where a volunteer had given me an appointment, but did not come … We took advantage of this trip to give gifts sent or offered to these children: Ngọc Thương (Bé Hạnh) sponsored by Aline Good, Chau Duoc Duy sponsored by Vincent and Céline, Bui Thi Ngoc Tram sponsored by Laurent was absent, Sư Cô Xuân will give her gifts on his return from school.
We met “Sin e” one of the puppies of our mascot “Phen” (fear or joy, he pissed on me …). The whole courtyard at the entrance was tiled and the pagoda part enlarged.
The baby that Ms. Liê holds in her arms is 2 months old now and a new 2 year old orphan has just joined the home.