In March our foster parent, Rémi Bauchmann, has given some concerts. On 23 March in St. Raphaël and 31 March in Toulon in the protestant Temple.
In Toulon, Amandine who is hemiplegic on her left side, played first parts of the compositions with her right hand. A very moving moment of the concert!  She was adopted when she was 5 days old and originates from an orphanage in Vietnam.
The concerts in St-Raphael and Toulon had a nice sum of money for the orphans and Lan-Huê and Rémi are very happy with this result.

Before the concert Lan-Huê was interviewed by RTF. You can listen to it when you click here.

A very large well done and a lot of thanks to all the organisers of these events. We address our warmest thanks to Rémi, his partner Lan-Huê and Amandine.