The VTC 10 team contacted Marc to film the activities of the association. This is why Marc invited them to go to Minh Tam, Ky Son and then Truyen Tin. They also go to Gia Canh to film the projects there: houses, water treatment station and a well.

27/10/2012: A long day with the film crew of the TV channel VTC 10 from 10:00 to 16:30 hours. Coca (interpretor), Jeff, Marieke, Jenna (volunteers), as well as all the participants in the 3 centers we support: Minh Tam, Son Ky Truyen Tin and participated in the preparation of one of the episodes of “Impressive Vietnam”. At Minh Tam they filmed the library project. Soon you can read more about this project. At Son Ky they filmed the boys with the flowers and post cards they can make very well. The boys also sang a song. At the same time 5 bikes, paid for by the association, were handed over to the boys. Then there were interviews with Marc, heads of the orphanages, children living in the orphanages and volunteers.

28/10/2012: With Sister Maria, the head of Truyen Tin orphanage, we organised an outing to the amusement parc Dam Sem. There were about fifty children. Their patience was well tested, because the tickets had been left behind in the house. Then they had to walk to another entrance. Next the bigger children went to play, the smaller got their sandwich. As the VTC 10 team could not shoot that day, we asked Adrien, a French cameraman who has offered his services to make shots that we will post on the website of the association. He came with his friend Brice, who is a photographer.

See more photos taken at Son Ky and during the outing of  Truyen Tin.

The shooting continues 5 November next in Gia Canh.