Yannick, a Brittany friend originating from Locminé (Morbihan) and an expatriate in Edmonton in Alberta, is planning to go on an original trip. He wants to go to Saigon overland (except Canada-Europe) in 2013, with one of those huge “Monster trucks” you only see in these vast regions.

In the beginning, his project was a personal challenge, but it has evolved progressively during our contacts. He now offers to carry material to offer to the children of the shelters we support in the Saigon area and to raise funds in the various countries he will cross in order to help us to finance the construction of an orphanage in the suburbs of Ho chi Minh (see our site).
We are in contact with organizations of expatriate Vietnamese, from Brittany and also with other organizations for various reasons (TV coverage, preparation of appointments with Internet users).

We are only in the preparation phase of the project, which is planned to take place in about a year (official departure from  Locminé on  21/08/2013). We count on everyone’s help to put us into contact us with everybody likely to be attracted to participate in this event, which can be described as exceptional. We think about large enterprises that would be willing to put their logo on the truck.

The planned route is: Canada → VM → Great Britain → France  → Italy → Croatia → Bulgaria → Turkey → Iran → Pakistan → India →  Singapore  → Malaysia → Cambodia → Vietnam, but is not final yet. In any case passing through Brittany is mandatory (Locminé, La Gacilly), as well as Paris.

Short portrait of Yannik

Yannick, alias “Filochard or Filoche (silk net)”, was born in 1956, in Moustoir-ac in Brittany. Nationality:  French-Canadian, speaks French and English, basic Spanish and German, is learning Russian and Arabic. At the age of 17, Yannick had a military training as paratrooper in camp Meucon in Morbihan, then fulfills his military service in the first RHP (Regiment of Parachute Hussards) in Tarbes. After that he start working in refrigerated transport, and creates his own company (1986-1992), during this period he travels all the roads in Europe.  It is also during this period that he is better known by his nickname.
In 1999, despite his age, he decided to leave for Canada where he obtained his license for “big transport” and becomes a permanent resident. He works for the “CRS Express” and crosses 48 American States. His taste for adventure takes him to the icy roads of Northern Canada. He arrives in Province of Alberta and works for six months for the Commission “Rainbow” and then for “RTL Robinson” in 2004. He spents three seasons on the famous “iceroads” between Yellowknife and the diamond and gold mines of Ekati and Diavik. Now Yannick now is thinking about this dream that he absolutely wants to achieve in order to help us fund an orphanage in Vietnam.