13/8/2012: A meeting with the authorities of Cần Giuộc city, Lang An province, to define the three years’ action plan. The municipality Cần Giuộc issued a favorable opinion on our “orphanage” project. Present were: Mrs. May Nguyen Hong PCT (Vice-President), Cần Giuộc Huyen, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Rural Development representative, Mr Nguyen Hong Son (representative of the Red Cross – hội chữ thập đỏ Huyện Cần Giuộc), 3 other members of the Executive Bureau of the People’s Committee, Mr Vo Van Ba (President of the union of friendship organizations) and Ms. Loan, his assistant.

During 2 hours we developed our action plan. They will participate in our program already in place “access to clean water” in the region where it is very difficult to find fresh water due the high salinity of the rivers and in the one “a roof for a family” (houses of affection). The authorities have requested our participation with regard to the installation of a water treatment station for water that will be pumped into the river. The station will satisfy the needs of 800 families, meaning about 4,000 people.
Unfortunately due to the diversity of our actions and the amount of the project (approx. € 100,000), our association is not able to make promises. We will try to approach our networks to try to find help for them. The local People’s Committee will participate for 50% of the amount of the works.

With regard to our project “orphanage” we have not been able to conclude anything, despite the favorable opinion for obtaining the terrain. The President of the People’s Committee had not given our whole dossier to the Vice-President. We will study the project in detail at a next meeting. The municipality would like a school forms an integral part of the orphanage project.

This is our first partnership with this province. The contracts are being drafted.