Feb 23, 2013 : Mrs Hélène Phung, storyteller from Arts du Récit in Isére, France, came to animate the afternoon of the children of “Truyen Tin”, children a little stressed at the beginning of the narrations cooled themselves slightly to participate actively at the origami workshop. (please refer to the parolesdesole.com  as to the storyteller’s blog : http // www. parolesdesole. com/blog . html.

Feb 24,2013 : Hélène pays a visit to the children of the “Minh Tam” Center in a very cool athmosphere, her animation is rythmed by the bloud tone of a gong and the echo of the prayers which are leaking from the pagoda., the space is occupied by incense rising curls,and the flight of Hélène’s paper made birds…

We have learnt this early morning that when SU Co Xuan went to sell their made products down town, there was a fallen from the sky angel in front of the gate (a small boy still with his ombilical cord on), the family is enlarging.

Feb 25, 2013 : Hélène did give her last course of origami at the affecting school (Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong)  of Vinh Son, on No Trang Long street.. The public was compsed of about 60 kids mainly from 3 and 5 classes. The osmosis between the artist and the children was perfect.

We thank the three students from the university of pedagogy (Đại học Sư phạm) who accompanied Hélène in any of her moves and provided a translation service of top quality, our thanks goi also to their professors, to Ba Luong Thi Mai Trâm and evidently to Hélène Phung who promised to come back : her mother being Vietnamese, she went to vist her family  in North Vietnam.

February 22, 2013 : the belgian NGO « Toboggan » did set up and furnish a house in Saigon to locate for free needy students. This activity had a uniqiue duration of 5 years . Mr Thierry Siaens, representative of this association proposes us to retrieve the whole furniture of the house, be about twenty bunk beds. wooden tables and wardrobes, 2 TV sets, 2 fridges, and some miscellanous items. We did of course accepted as we had to equip  with those items the “Minh Tam” household on which we support the renovation works, a non negligible economy for our budget.


We are thankful toward Mr Thierry Sieans and his friend mr Le Hai Trung for their generosity.