18/01/2016 : This morning, clarification meeting on the construction, especially the M&E part, solar panels, and system control, IT with contractor from KNX Company.
Meeting finished at 12:00 and site survey with the volonteers on site. The wall of the ground floor is on progress, (the room in the corner picture will be the location of nursery and dental clinique).
At 13:30 we have a short break on the way to eat a ” Bún Mắm” to go to foster center ” Mái ấm Minh Tâm” in order to give a parcel for a foster child, and renew the 3 year contract 2016-2019 defining the conditions of our agreemnts and targets for records with local authorities PACCOM.
Tomorrow, a new busy day will start with recovery from the customs of 3 containers of new clothes offered by “Armand Thiery” Company…