An ordinary Sunday…

09/01/2013 : We wake up at 4:00 to pick up the group of friends of Abir, in the city center to go to Xã Gia Canh – Huyện Định Quán, Tỉnh Đồng Nai.. As soon as we arrive, we are welcomed by the students and their families. They are waiting for the ceremony which will attribute 60 education scholarships.

Then we go to inaugurate the charity house financed by Abir, a family composed of the father Mr Hoanl (kmer), Madam Phuong Chau ro). She is the family chief in this ethny.

They have two children: Trong, a 14 years old boy, and Tuyen, an 11 years old girl. They used to live in the father’s boss house. Abir will continue to help by sponsoring the two children as long as they go to school. With our initiative, the family and the neighborhood joined us to ameliorate the house. A big thank you to everyone !