Become the architect of “your humanitarian mission”
If you would like to support the poorest children or their families in Vietnam, gain international experience and participate in the discovery and opening up of spirits of the new generations, submit your application!

If you have look at our website, you may have noticed that we act without imposing limitations as we are convinced that solutions come from populations themselves. Therefore we act with local partners. The presence of a coordinator on site eases the establishment and implementation of projects that take their entire human dimension by involving beneficiaries, by developing local expertise, and by strengthening them if necessary through the intervention of professionals.
In this way we will be able to give maximum development and effectiveness of the on location actions to the benefit of children, their families and their communities. Thus we manage together to give the maximum efficiency and scope to field actions for the benefit of children, their families and their communities.

We have many projects, but our resources do not allow us to fund them entirely. We offer you the opportunity to realise a mission adapted to your financial resources by participating in:
– building a house for a very poor family and share with them special moments (costs of a house is 1.200€, 1-1-2012),
– achieving a computer training room,
– constructing or developing training workshops in sewing, mechanics, gold smith.

Download the design of a house, by clicking here.

You are in charge of your travel, the cost of construction and life, we organize your conditions of sejourn : home and return transportation to the place of mission, bookings for accommodation, administrative formalities (residence permit and work on construction sites to the authorities).

If you are interested, contact us.