Follow the secured online donation procedure or send your check to:
“Les Enfants du Dragon”
Chez Mr André Quancard
18 Chemin du Prat
31170 Tournefeuille

Agreed NGO by Vietnamese authorities under N° AU522/UB-HD on 30 March 2010 end 30 BNG-HĐ du 08/02/2013.

Financial online donation (Pay Pal secured procedure)
Attention! If you do not have a Pay Pal account yourself, please use postal transfer, as the charges are withdrawn from your gift between 1.4 and 3.4 % + 0,25 €. So for example : a donation of 40 € will be charged with 1.61 € and the association receives only € 38.39. However, it is very easy to open an account.

Financial donation
In France
Beneficiary: Association (NGO) « Les Enfants du Dragon »
Banque: 10278
Guichet: 02219
No Compte: 00020514401
Cle: 50
Devise: EUR
IBAN: FR7610278022190002051440150


Important: Always mention the reason for your transfer (donation for the orphanage, house, scholarships, drilling of wells, water treatment, etc.).
Because of the high costs, please do not send donations via check to Vietnam.
Beneficiary:  “Les Enfants du Dragon”
Sở giao dịch I – TP HCM
Tel : +84 (08) 37 733 063
Fax : +84 (08) 37733053

Euro Account N° : 2111.148.520.000.55 – For €uro transfers only
USD Account  N° :  2111.148.520.000.69 – For US$ transfers only
VNĐ Account  N° : 2111.148.520.000.41 – For VNĐ transfers only

Swift Code: EBVIVNVX, there is no IBAN.

In kind donation
Please contact our office.

Equipment donation
We needs computers, school supplies, sewing machines, painting material. Attention : to send these products from France, even second hand, there will be costs to pay. It is better to buy them in Vietnam or bring them if you visit Vietnam.

Pharmaceutical donations
If you bring the medicines yourself in Vietnam, please take a prescription or medicine report, it may ease your way through customs controls.

Common medicines to treat:
–  cough and bronchitis (eucalyptus suppos, peracetamol basic pharmaceuticals against fever and pain).
–  intestinal problems (lock, laxative, glycerin, abdominal antalgics).
and also:
–  eye drops in single doses to clean softly babies’ eyes.
–  arnica cream against schocks and bruises.
–  biafine against light burns.
–  all kinds of usual healing remedies to treat and clean small sores, light wounds, bruises

Note: Each year, we will send you a tax receipt.