The association includes:
1) ‘Normal’ members, those who pay an annual fee fixed by the general assembly.
2) Benefactor members who donate or leg,
3) Active members, officers or anybody who actively participates in associative activities in France or Vietnam,
4) ‘Honorary’ members, personality who put their reputation at the service of the association (foster parents),
5) ‘Honorary’ members, former managers  who no longer participate in the actions of  the association are exempt of paying a fee,
6) Founding members who created the association.

Any member may apply to become a local representative of the association in his or her area or city, these representatives are appointed volunteers by the Council of the association, who agreed to assume this function. They provide a local link for members, the public and if necessary, upon request, even the administration. The local representative is in continuous contact with the headoffice, he or she must report before any decision is made and commits to strictly respect the statuses, spirit and regulations of the association.

Some actions a member may perform:
– Promote the association as widely as possible and thus contribute to its develoment
– Search members and volunteers to activate in his region
– Link with medias and other associations with similar aims
– Organize public events such as:
1. Sport tournaments (races, matches, etc.)
2. Sales of association items
3. Days and theme parties
4. Parties, charity galas, etc.
5. Cultural events (shows, comedies, concerts, games)
6. Fundraising

The association membership fee is fixed at minimum of 15 € (no maximum). Normal members are charged yearly 15  € for the membershipfee.

We propose also a fee of 25 € which includes the DVD « The Children of the Dragon », a 54 minutes lasting documentary realized by Mr Peter Latzko. This option applies until the copies of the documentary have finished. If you chose this option, please indicate this on the membership form.

Please return the form (with your check) to:
“Les Enfants du Dragon”
Chez Mr André Quancard
18 Chemin du Prat
31170 Tournefeuille (France)
Portable: +33 607.509 376

You can also pay by transfer. For more information on this, please click here.