Definition and role of the local offices


Local offices or branches:

Legally, local offices or branches are secondary structures of the association. They do not have the legal personality or the autonomy that the “headquarters” have. Therefore, local offices operate under the sole responsibility of the association and its leaders.

Creation of a local office or branch:

The creation of local offices or branches may be provided for in the statutes, but is not mandatory: a decision in a general meeting is sufficient.

Once created, the local office must be declared to the association headquarters’ prefecture, since the law provides that secondary structures must be declared to the prefecture. As for the changes to mandatory particulars, the local office creation will also be registered in the special register.

If a volunteer is designated as the “head” of this local office, the leaders will have to give them the powers because, due to the lack of legal autonomy, the head of a local office is not entitled to represent the association (as this authorization is given to the President of the association).

The local office can have its own premises, bank account and accounting, but everything operates under the responsibility of the headquarters and the leaders.

Role of sector representatives:

Local representatives can create a local office or branch. Their area of activity may cover a neighborhood, a district, a city, a county or a region.

The role of sector representatives consists in:

Representing the association: the sector representatives represent “Les enfants du dragon” with local administrative and institutional stakeholders. They help promoting the association and giving it an image of quality. They develop their network by linking with the municipality, local and regional media, communities, societies, groups of associations…

Leading and coordinating:  the sector representatives are in charge of supporting and coordinating the headquarters and local offices’ activities and ensure the association dynamics. They circulate information and possibly accompany the creation of new local offices.

Recruiting and retaining: the sector representatives are involved in communication activities, organize meetings aiming at strengthening the sense of belonging to the association and at improving the quality of interventions (host meetings, information on the association’s activities and projects both in France and in Vietnam…). They are involved with the local office heads or the headquarters in order to recruit volunteers and seek financial support for the execution of field projects. They take part in associative forums so as to recruit new accompanying people.


– Adaptability

– Open-mindedness and organizational skills

– Rigor

– Autonomy

– Availability

– Good knowledge of the association and its activities, achievements and projects

The office, the board of directors and the sector representatives are there to support them in their action. The association leaders will try to make available the necessary tools for their activity (information leaflets, presentation slideshow, DVD) if the heads plan to make private screenings, banners, business cards…).

SOME TIPS (non-exhaustive list)

– Redirecting any information or instructions from the headquarters to their subscribers and members, e.g. redirecting the newsletter:

– Conducting information actions in their area: in schools, high schools, universities, workers’ committees, retirement homes… Participating in associative forums, Christmas markets, etc…

This short video: can be an interesting medium to present our field activities, just like the following video in English and in Vietnamese: and the following slideshow:

– During a one-time operation such as selling 2013 postcards, the local office heads will try with their members to participate actively in the project

– Documents can be downloaded from the website:

– When taking their responsibility, the local office heads will sign a confidentiality clause.

– At the end of the year, writing and transmitting the annual report and the detailed accounting balance sheet of the local office.


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