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Submit an application
The precondition for filing any application is to be of age at the date of the signing of the training agreement. We recommend that you contact us in advance by email so we can inform you about the availability of vacancies. We would like to ask you to send us your application form, which you can download here together with your CV and motivation letter  accompagné d’un CV et d’une lettre de motivation describing the origins of your project and your expectations.
Do not rush and think your project through! Be aware of the importance and seriousness of your commitment. We too will take time before making our decision, we are particularly careful about projects where children are involved to prevent them from becoming “tourist attractions” (experience has shown us).

Examination of the application
After receiving the application, it is important that the volunteer participates in an interview at the seat of the association or with a local representation closest to his or her residence. This interview marks the beginning of the second stage: the search for a mission. We will circulate candidacies in our network of correspondents and partners associations, which allows, through dialogue with the volunteer, to find a match between his desires and local needs.

Some criteria for evaluation of the application
Beyond criteria on training, diploma’s, knowledge and experience, we expect from expatriate volunteers a sense of adaptability, open mind, humility, capability to work in a team and to live in a community, flexibility, availability, sense of responsibility, discipline, professionalism, maturity and commitment.
Knowledge of English is a minimum requirement, we advise to take some lessons in Vietnamese before departure. For all positions a good knowledge of software like Excel or Word is requested (for preparing reports, for managing projects and monitoring indicators and budget data).
The volunteer must be at age with regard to French law without any specific nationality requirements. However, he or she must be physically and mentally fit to live in relatively primitive and isolated conditions and have a good working capacity. A medical certification will be requested from future expatriates.

Spirit and worthiness 
Derving from reflections guided by the ideal of tolerance and peace, we want to show our commitment to values ​​that give us a spirit and specificity by spreading around them the values ​​of peace, love and respect for others and engaging in solidarity actions. We want ourselves to privilege links between people from different origins, source of peace and reciprocal enrichments where everybody can give and receive. Taking into account the cultural diversity, training, a shared life in the pursuit of common goals allow mutual respect. This is this link, this encounter, which allows experiencing solidarity between members of the same mankind.

In this spirit we:
– Believe in field work, at a small scale, to reduce inequalities through practical actions from person to person,
– Believe that confrontation with another culture, to other life styles, may be a decisive experience for a young person who orients his or her life and give sense to him or her,
– Wish to favor exchanges of volunteers from different countries to promote openness to others.

In the charter of the association “Les Enfants du Dragon” is laid down the goal, spirit and conditions of our association and our missions.

Our goal is to financially and materially support humanitarian projects in favour of the poorest of Vietnam and allow volunteers to carry out missions in Vietnam for the association or through other partners; promote humanitarian actions through an information bulletin and our website.

The humanitarian actions and missions are organized according to local needs. They allow volunteers to discover the world through a useful experience and concrete actions with a social, economical and educating character. They involve accompanying very poor people (orphans, street kids, handicapped, HIV infected children), and providing help at structures already put into place (schools, training farms, dispensaries), building houses for the poor. They particularly allow the discovery of another culture and another people, sharing and meeting.

These missions are primarily an opportunity for exchanges and encounters between persons from different cultures. The core values of the missions are: respect and recognition of cultural diversity, reciprocity of a partnership where everybody gives and receives, actions motivated by the support of others and which develops at the same time confidence in him or herself and the other.

The missions take place in Vietnam, provided that safety requirements are maintained. Volunteers are the representations received by our association or other humanitarian organizations, to the extent that they are sufficiently structured locally to facilitate the success of the mission.
These missions vary in length, at least a month. However, short-term assignments (one month) are not recommended because of the necessary time to adapt.

Status of available missions
We constantly need to have the most complete up-to-date inventory for available and/or feasible missions, in order to match as much as possible the requests of volunteers and local needs.
To do so, we gather from local representations their needs (very often religious communities of any kind who have a real knowledge of the field and the needs, people’s committees or local social organizations).
To pinpoint with precision the nature and exact extent of the proposed mission, we have a “job description” containing the following information: the precise nature of the mission, persons involved, requested profile of the volunteer, place, date and period, reception conditions and accommodation, monthly cost.
In case of interesting application that does not match a listed mission, we will get in touch begins with other NGOs or associations to learn about their ability to develop a tailor made mission.