I make a legacy or a donation
 The “The dragon’s children” association is an International Solidarity Organization (ISO) is recognised as of general interest and can therefore,  receive legacies and donations, or be designated as a beneficiary of a life insurance contract.

I make a donation in favor of the children
Make a donation in support of projects of the association, this is helping concretely and effectively children and their communities.


Become a partner 
Partnership and sponsorship take various forms:

  • You are active in your area, in case of an event we offer you to communicate around you in your company or at a known merchant, you have the possibility to promote our association. In this case please contact us and we will design together the strategy and the appropriate means. This could an action to recruit foster parents, to generate  funds, or for example find computers or school material.
  • You are a company director, a community, a regional manager, a school, college, a private person, etc. and you have decided to finance or co-finance a project with our association. Contact us to build this project, you can follow it and implement it with us on site.
  • You have a personal website, your company has a web site and you are planning to promote our association with this site via a link, or a blog, please contact us.

Partnership or sponsorship, these are your guarantees!

  • Our projects are monitored, evaluated, with reports about the finalisation of the work (video, photo, accounting report) and if you like, the inauguration g on site and in case you wish the display of your logo.
  • You get a tax deduction.
  • Your contacts are absolutely passionate, convinced of their relief mission to develop communal assistance focussed on children.
  • You have the guarantee of real financial transparency.
  • You enter an ISO with an international dimension and you are going to interact with an ISO for a development focussed on children, with a real skill and know-how, real experience.

If you want more information, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] or phone +33 (0) 327 273 751 or +84 (0) 937 126 605 .

Or, simply become an active member of our association! 

In France 66% of your donations are deductible from your taxes within the limits set by this administration.  Note: Each year, we will send you a fiscal receipt.

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