This summer (France) and rainy season in South Vietnam “Les Enfants Du Dragon” welcomed 34 volunteers, chronologically these 5 groups came over different periods:

– From 08/06 to 15/07 – “La Goutte d’eau”, Lille: Juliette Ralite, Benjamin Catry, Guillaume Fricault, Tom Boyabe Maxime Boldron – Renovation of a college tạo trường PTCS Đông Thạnh, Cần Giuộc, Long An.

– From 03/07 to 24/7 – Sol’6 – (medical students at Paris 6 and the Saint-Antoine Midwifery School): AUDRAIN Estelle, BIETH Claire, Julie GRANGER, HENNEQUIN Lisa, LAGET Marine , LEGENDRE Mathilde, NAUD Naomi – Construction of a charity house, budget = 2.000 €.

– From 14/07 to 24/7 – “Sales Force”: Frédéric Papon, Christian Nlandu, Samir Benamor – Construction of a charity house, budget = 2.000 €.

– From 17/07 to 04/08 – “The Verveines” … Vianney BERTHELEMY, Maxime DE NARP, Clement FAVIER – Construction of a charity house, budget = 2.000 €.

– From 05/08 to 21/08 – “Compagnons de Javel” – Aurore Beaussaut, Juliette Borie, Mathieu Fayad, Camille Giron, Victoire Labbe – Construction of a charity house, budget = 2.000 €.

Summer Mission 2017

All missions went well and lessons were learned for both volunteers and NGO officials.

Upstream missions were generally well prepared, especially for the team “La goutte d’eau”:
– 1 – Renovation of the classrooms of a college…
– 2 – Healthcare
– 3 – Education, with the distribution of school supplies, uniforms and school bags, as well as the animation of fun activities for children.

If the results of these missions are satisfactory, “LEDD” must nevertheless remind that all initiatives of unplanned activities must be approved by the officials in place of the NGO and the Local People’s Committee exclusively.

Some groups wished to do some tourism at the end of the mission , it goes without saying that when applying for a visa it must include this period to obtain a visa that covers the entire stay in the territory.

In 2018, the volunteers will have to deposit 3 months before the beginning of the mission a fund of guarantee to cover some expenses related to the mission:
– administrative costs (applications for visas and residence permits),
– transport at arrival: airport-hotel or place of mission and return,
– support for the costs of a translator: accommodation, food and allowance of 50 € / week.

– Mission in the orphanages: Each volunteer signs an agreement that commits him / her contractually with the NGO in which it is specified in Article 12 – Declaration on the honor of the volunteer – Paragraph 4:

“Furthermore, if in addition to the mission of building a charity house the group I am part of in an orphanage supported by the NGO, I pledge to give the local manager an envelope containing a donation of 100 € (one hundred euros for the whole group) which will be given in my presence to the responsible at the end of my mission “.
We must therefore respect the terms of the contract … Note that the wording of this article is adapted to each type of mission and differs from a group to an individual.