A first phase of work end in Cần Giuộc

15th May 2013: Comissioning of constructions projects in Cần Giuộc, Long An province where we officially handed-over 3 houses to very disabled families. Attending the ceremony: Bà (Ms.) Nguyễn Hồng Mai, deputy of the village (phó chủ tịch UBND huyện Cần Giuộc), 2 representative of Friendship Union of Long An province Organizations (Liên hiệp các tổ chức hữu nghị), Preseident of the local Red Cross (Hội chữ thập đỏ) and his deputies, President of Women Union(Hội phụ nữ), Président of Elderly Club (hội Người cao tuổi) and miscellaneous representitve of local communities of concerned villages. These organizations have given useful gifts to each family recipient of “heart house” (Nha Thuong TÌNH).

This “tour” kept all of us quite busy, since most of the places to visit were on remote area. It sometime required good skilled in motorbike to drive of very narrow dams, but with breath taking rice field landscapes.

We all had a short break for lunch, and went to visit families to whom we provided rain water tanks. This region is already suffering from rise of the sea level due to global warming, therefore salty water comes into fresh water and undeground storage. Rain water collection allow families to keep fresh water to be used for dry season.