Dear friends, members, godparents, donors and supporters,

First of all, I would like to reassure you regarding the health of the children at the orphanage as well as the staff in this period of the global epidemic of Covid-19.
Everyone is well! None of them have symptoms and continue to comply with medical examinations. The “Vietnamese local authorities” keep themselves informed and regularly check the situation of our establishment and are concerned about our possible needs.

We applied certain barrier gestures very early already before this crisis as part of basic hygiene measures, measures more draconian than those recommended by the local authorities (eg no outside visits in contact with children). These measures have allowed us to receive a very good evaluation during the inspection of the authorities, so we are committed to continuing our efforts to remain an example in our field.

So I would like to salute the professionalism and the efforts of our teams, mobilized in daily tasks, the application of barrier gestures as well as the specific missions of support and special care of babies who need to be hospitalized.

All this in addition to their personal difficulties in organizing, such as ensuring childcare since mid-January without schooling. A big thank-you to all! With us, no telework possible, but a flawless commitment to the field for the comfort and well-being of children. Life goes on and the reception of new babies also because social distress is always present and is likely to increase further.

In addition, since 2018, donations have been declining (the suppression of the ISF was partly responsible for this) and the current period that we are living in 2020 will undoubtedly cause an increase in this fall and lead associations in a very serious crisis…
Foresight and responsibility guide me from the development to the implementation of the project, but today I have a very strong concern for the future (“If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one. “).

The foresight was to ensure that the minimum guarantee level was respected, in this case 2 years of operating budget to take care of twenty young children with all the contingencies attached to this responsibility (approx. 100,000 € / 2 years).This way of managing which has sometimes raised criticism and disapproval takes on its full meaning today …

“Man’s usual default is not to predict the storm in good weather.” In view of the situation as exceptional as unforeseen, there is no need to be a soothsayer to know that this year will be very poor in donations (as well as in volunteer missions) and that the following year (unless there is another unforeseen ) will be devoted by companies and endowment funds to rebuilding cash and prioritizing projects, during this time we will have consumed our reserve of 02 years of budget…
This is why any individual, moral, in-kind or cash support is more necessary than ever.

Stay home ! Protect yourself and take good care of yourself.

The life must go on