26/06/2015 : This morning, Lan, our President, led us in Paris with his personal vehicle to the headquarters of the Foundation ” FONDS DE DOTATION BIEN NOURRIR L’HOMME ” whose purpose is to achieve and contribute directly and / or indirectly to the realization of works of general interest in the promotion and support, in France and abroad, any action in terms of nutritional value, improve health through nutrition, as part of humanitarian actions and, more generally, any action in favor of human development.

Our mission was to make a presentation of “LEDD” and inform managers and corporate staff on our actions in the field of “access to clean water” and “spirulina production” in our Mekong farms. Our presentation held in the screening of a short video on the cultivation of spirulina followed by a slideshow of our major activities. We then answered many questions from members of the audience who came in numbers and very curious to know more about spirulina.

We thank Emmanuelle and Nathalie for the excellence of their welcome and the meal they gave us and all the staff who honored us with their presence, we more deeply appreciate the ” FONDS DE DOTATION BIEN NOURRIR L’HOMME ” for the generous grant that we assigned to develop our actions in the field.

On the way back we made a stop at Chesnay (78) to meet our friend, “Secretary-General” Jean-Yves to sign administrative documents to improve the circulation and processing of correspondence. We also thank him for the quality of its rigorous and particularly organized labor, and for his generosity, he gave us a small laptop and two mobile phones to the team in Vietnam.

Fin Juin 2015
De Dte à Gche Lan, Dung, Emmanuelle et Nathalie