24/04/2018: This afternoon, at the Mái Ấm Thiên Thần Center (Angels orphanage), the Consul General of France in Saïgon honored us with his presence at the official delivery of a check of 33.880.000VND (€ 1,250), for the benefit of our NGO by Mr. Arnaud Tabourin ,President of the Lions Club of Bar Sur Seine and Madame.
Samuel, co-founder of “Chocolats Marou” held by other commitments was unfortunately unable to participate in this meeting. This donation results from a sale of chocolates “Marou” by the “Lions Club”. We send our warmest and most sincere thanks to all those involved in this charitable action: the President and all the members of the “Bar Sur Seine Lions Club”, Samuel and Vincent founders of “Marou – Chocolate makers” as well as King and Nathalie from the company #dealexport.com   who initiated this event. The small group of visitors brought gifts for the children of Mái Ấm Thiên Thần.
Note: Mr. Tabourin is a champagne producer in “Les Riceys” (http://www.champagne-tabourin.com/fr/).