An interesting progress

07/05/2013 : Early morning, Marc, Mme Liên and Virginie drive to Xã Gia Canh village, invited by local authorities. Morning programm starts with an official ceremony together with local partners and official representative. This ceremony takes place to thank our NGO for having succesfully implemented its targets within the 3 year plan, because the realizations went even further the initial targets.
Those achievements are totally transparent and copy available on demand to the local autorities. We proudly present details as follow:
– 4 drinking water treatments stations: 15.995€
– together with 2 wells with pumping stations: 5.283€
– sponsor for scholarship, bikes: 4.491€
– 20 houses for disable families: 26.491€
TOTAL is 52.259€
This status to date in only for this village.
We remind that our NGO also support projects in Ho Chi Minh City and in Long An and Sóc Trăng provinces.
All attendees then joined for a friendly lunch, and then visited all recent construction projects:
Drilling of a well in granite rock, for community #5.
3rd drinking water treatment plant for a school of 600 children.
4th drinking water treatment station for a primary school in XGC.
Inside, a 2.000 L tank, outside a 5.000 L one.

19th house.


20th house! In this village, Bà Chi, the grandmother is really happy to know that her grand daughter is having a real house. This 14 year old child (we told her story in a previous post), gave birth last month. She seem relieved but really different than beofre not a child any more. When Marc asked her how she felt, we could feel real worries, fear. Her baby eventually got adopted by a vietnamese family in the North, in exchange of 10 million VND (500 usd) to cover for hospital fees…