20/10/2012: First of all a big thank you to Tam and his wife Anne who supported Patrick and Francine throughout this day dedicated to solidarity and humanitarian associations held in the party hall in Voiron. There were 41 exhibitors. We have somewhat revolutionised geography since our booth was located between Mali and Cameroon, facing Ethiopia, possible to confuse every good geography teacher. Our booth was limited to the width of a table of 2 meters long. So the space was a bit tight, but we tried to do our best with the resources we had. Few visitors. The sun, present all day, probably did not help. The Voironnais certainly preferred to enjoy the last rays of sun before the winter, coming soon. I remember that during the first edition of the Forum, 2 years ago, where I went as a visitor, there were many more people. This nevertheless allowed us to meet the local authorities, since we were entitled to a visit of the mayor, several municipal councilors or deputies of the departments of Culture, Solidarity, Citizenship, the President of the Council of Elderly of Voiron, the Director of MJC and a board member of the MJC. This also allowed us to get acquainted with other associations, such as Children of Asia mainly present in Cambodia, Help to hospitalised children of Voiron, or the Scouts of France who are planning a trip to Vietnam. A lady of Vietnamese origin bought a bag of spirulina.