05/08/2012:  Further to the distribution in July, Marc went to a pagoda in District 8 in HCM this morning, where he offered 30 walking sticks to the elderly living there. 51 old people among them 16 men and 35 women who share about ten rooms, 4 staff of good will, take care of them to the extent of their limited resources. There are also 6 orphans. From time to time, we bring medicines, spirulina ou other donations. Our activities are focused mainly on children in difficulties, so our activities here can only be  ad hoc. We try nevertheless not to forget these elderly persons, often withoutfamily. Therefore, we would like to suggest to humanitarian associations who focus on old persons in the area of HCMC to take note of this address: Chùa Tịnh Xá Ngọc Quang, Loại: Nhà Thờ, Tu Viện, 262 Lưu Hữu Phước, P 15, Q 8, HCMV.

We would like to thank again the company SARL Fabrique de cannes Fayet and its manager Mr Jean Luc Fayet for their generosity.