12/07/2012: This afternoon young Thu Phuong, fostered by our association came by motorcycle with her father from Vung Tau to receive the gifs of her foster mother in France. Thu Phuong is 8,5 years old and underwent a heart operation in France in October 2009 thanks to a solidarity chain organised by “Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque” (Philanthropy Heart Surgery). Her host family in France approached our association to continue helping her to grow up with the best support. Doctor Truong Da Luu, pediatric heart surgeon of the hospital “Nhi đồng 2” who checks her regularly, was there too. We had received. 2 computers in donation from a French organisation in HCMC and we gave one to the girl. The doctor had asked us that for her. Thu Phuong was very happy to receive this gift.

We would like to thank the donor of the computers and of course the foster parents.