The general assembly was held on 15 December last at the seat of the association. The new council has been elected and the statutes have been changed to create local branches. Each branch is independent with regard to its actions, but will report every year during the general assembly. It has also been decided to held the general assembly in January and not in December anymore. The participants of the meeting have discussed current and future projects. The finance report has been approved.

The council elected:
President France: Mr. BUI Huy Lan
President Vietnam and Directeur Operations: Mr. Marc DE MUYNCK
Secretary: Mrs. Anne BRILLER-RUFFIN
Deputy-Secretary: Mr. Eric BRILLER
Treasurer: Mrs. Stéphany RAULT
Responsible for foster-parent ships : Mrs. Marie France BAILLEUL

Local branches:
Ruch (33) : Mr. Alexandre PERRET
Voiron (38) : Mr. Patrick FAY
Véron (89) : Mr. Laurent DUBOUCHET
Canada : Mr. Yannick MORVAN
Suisse : Mr. LE Duy Tam
Vietnam : Mr. Marc DE MUYNCK