A new alms-house in Cn Giuc

 31/08/2013 : Leaving this morning with Abir (Lebanese) and her 2 Spanish friends Mireia and Merixtell, together with Charline for the photography and Ms. Liên to inaugurate a house financed by a friend from Toulouse. The authorities and M. Lê Minh Dung the beneficiary householder thanked the generous donor and the association, his spouse Hong Thuy was in tears, the little Ky Duyen, 11, was very happy to get a “Martin” bike that will spare her the 5 kms by foot to go to school.

Then we went to visit a family consisting of a mother and her 2 children : a 14 years old boy who was in 4th grade and a little 8 years old girl in third year of primary school, this family abandoned by the father survives only with the laborer salary of the mother, lacking of sufficient resources, she could not pay the scholarship fees for her children. At last, to add insult to the injury, their house made out of bamboos and palms just collapsed, they are hosted by a sister of the mother, who is in a precarious situation herself, this sister has a 11 years old boy and looks after her other bedridden sister victim of the orange agent (dioxin). Marc used, the same night, the generosity of few friends to rebuild the house of this stricken family, desired amount 1.400€, the next morning a generous donor, still from Toulouse had answered the call…

House before collapse


1st Row L to R : Mai, Jonatha, Thuy – 2ndRow : Lan, Xuan, J-Pierre, Sophia, Marc, Mmes Huong and Bao Chan
Photo : Charline Saudemon

 30/08/2013 : At 6:00 PM, a part of the volunteers of the association met in a café in downtown Saigon to thank the students and professors of the Unversity of Pedagogy for their help on the different oral and written translations carried out for the benefit of the association “The Children of The Dragon” (LEDD).

We welcomed this cordial cooperation between this University and the association and we transmitted our wish to maintain it to Ms Hà Thị Mai Hương and Bao Chan in charge of the training and the organization of student internships.


A long day


22/08/2013 : Leaving at 04:00 AM to assist an important meeting with various representations of Sóc Trăng Province (2 representatives of Phòng Ngoại vụ = Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2 representatives of Sở Kế Hoạch đầu tư = Ministry of Planning and Investment, 1 representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and 2 representatives of the Popular Committee of Huyện Mỹ Tú district, the Chief of the Popular Committee and his assistant for the hamlets of Bo-Na and Hau Boi 3 representatives of the local police, the operators for the spirulina, 3 representatives of the NGO “The Children of the Dragon”) and few other listeners (total present people 26).

This meeting has been settled following the difficulties to communicate with a local officer, the final aim of the meeting being to renew or not our work permit in this Province. This meeting lasted more than 2 hours in a relaxed atmosphere to result in the renewal of our permit. All the delegation appreciated the visit of the exploitation of Bo Na and everyone left with a small bag of spirulina (26 p.)…


After a frugal meal at Father Day’s we went to visit Mr Phong’s family whose new house is almost done, his children seemed very happy to have a big room and a small field to play in, until then they lived in a boat hull covered with a roof made of palms.

This house has been built thanks to the volition of a scout team and guides of France

in mission in Vietnam

02/08/2013 : A team of scouts and guides of France from Abbeville (Sophie, Pauline, Benoît and Clément) went to help on the construction site of a charity house for a very poor family of the Bo-Na village which they funded. They arrived the 1st and the 2nd in the morning at 5:00 AM we took them hard at work, they have been welcomed to the Bo-Na village, at the heart of the Mekong, in the seasonable rainy weather of Vietnam…