This type of action remains exceptional for our NGO, indeed we believe that the realization and maintenance of public infrastructure is more the responsibility of the State than NGOs.

But we sometimes agree to make such works in remote areas where the local authorities have few means and that the project turns out to be vital for the safety of children and residents as in this case.

Project Objective : : Hamlet 4 in Thạnh Hòa commune is a remote area of Bến Lức district with a system of intertwined channels. The hamlets have 260 people, including 98 students traveling by this bridge every day. The Hamlet 4 bridge has a narrow width (about ½ meter), the deck surface is extremely sloped, so it is very difficult and dangerous for the people of this hamlet to cross this bridge. It is borrowed daily by many people including children, it was recorded more than 10 accidents on this dangerous passage of one was very serious, a victim having lost an eye while falling from the bridge. The construction of this bridge will contribute to the development of the rural community of Thạnh Hòa commune, a poor area of Long An province.( Location :

The size of the new bridge will be 22 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and capable of supporting a load of 3 tons.

Amount of aid: VND 169 million (about € 6,800), financed as part of the humanitarian emergency by our partner “BASAID”.


Le Wednesday 13/10/2017, 08:00 the opening of the Thành Hòa Bridge, Bến Lức District, Long An Province took place.

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08/09/2017 :08/09/2017: the construction of the bridge in Thạnh Hòa commune, Bến Lức district, Long An province is advancing according to the weather conditions, it is the rainy season… The work, however urgent, had been delayed to be included in the improvement works of the local road network which did not yet have real roads … After the pouring of the anchoring pillars it was necessary to spend a period of stabilization of those here, the laying of the apron is in progress.
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