Les enfants du dragon – The documentary

Since its opening to westerners in 1986, international aid is coming more and more to Vietnam.  Amongst the numerous non-governmental organizations, a small group of volunteers especially draws the attention.

Through the daily life of a French volunteer we will meet a Belgian manager, Buddhist and Catholic nuns, students and French adopted, a Swiss artist, and a Vietnamese university student who are also passionates, all  committed with body and soul to the land of the dragon.

Regardless their field of intervention and their  way, all those men and women take part in improving the living conditions in this country, thanks to links woven with the local population.

This film of 54 minutes tells their story.

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To avoid any misunderstanding or confusion, this film was shot and produced in 2008. Although our association is called “Les enfants du dragon (Children of the Dragon)”, we have no rights on this film which is now owned by MC4 productions. The profit from the sale of DVDs at the headquarters of our association is exclusively for our association.

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