09/07/2011: Arrival and welcoming of Pierre-Yve and Laura, 2 northern volunteers (F). Our friend Thuy welcomed them at her house for their first night. The following morning departure at 6 (a.m.) for Gia Canh in Dong Nai province, where they meet the officials of the People’s Committee. They also meet some poor families who will benefit from our support to obtain a decent house.
In France they managed to collect the necessary money for the construction of 2 houses. To vary their stay, they are going to participate in a first construction in Dong Nai province for the duration of 2 to 3 weeks. The duration is defined by the climate because it is the rainy season here. After that, they will move to a second construction in SocTrang Province, in the Mekong Delta.

Soon 2 other teams of volunteers will arrive to help with the construction of 2 other houses. In a short time the construction of 7 other houses will start: 4 in Dong Nai and 3 in Soc Trang.

We thank Pierre-Yve and Laura, the other teams (still to come) and all the sponsors of these houses.