After three years of professional activity, two young engineers decided to take a break of one year in their career to make a tour around the world (about 17 countries visited) and to give some their time to the poorest. Initially we contacted the foundation of their large company that unfortunately could not reply positively to our request for support for a project we submitted. Nevertheless, their employer did not hesitate to finance this mission for them. We thank him very much.

It is in that way, that these volonteers, coming from China, arrived in the beginning of January 2011 to start their ‘humanitarian mission’ in the small village of Bô-Na, province de Sóc Trăng. They met Thérèse and her daughter Carole, who came visiting the spiruline farm near this site and wished to participate in the construction activities. Young French-speaking students from Châu Văn Liêm Lyceum of Cần Thơ assisted in translating on site. A very nice team united for a common project and excited to share this moment in life with this family composed of three children (taking care of a sick grandfather) and the neighbouring population.

In the meantime a second house has been built in Sóc Trăng province for Mrs Nguyen Thi Thang, a widow of 55 years old and mother of two children (14 and 21 years). She is very happy to have a real roof, because during the rainy season water came through the roof. Mrs Thi Thang lives of small jobs, amongst which sewing for the neighbours.