05/11/2012: The VTC 10 crew went to Gia Can, Dong Nai Province, for the continuation of the program “Impressive Vietnam”. They were accompanied by Marc and Tam (interpreter).

They filmed a site where a well has been drilled and a mini water tower has been installed. Then a visit to the location of a treatment plant for drinking water.

Next, they visited Mrs. Huyen’s family, recipient of a house to film her testimony on what this realisation changed in their difficult life. Mrs Huyen makes  askets from water hyacinth or calamote roots. This work is performed at home. In one day she can make up to 5 baskets which are paid 5.000VND/1 (= about 1 €uro/day).

Lunch time arrived, and Mr Anh, the first deputy of the People’s Committee, kindly invited to eat at his place. At 2 p.m. filming continued with a visit to the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Hung and his wife Ban Ka (Chau My ethnicity) who benefited from the first house that was built in this area. During the last visit of Mark, their 12 year old daughter had dropped out of school with parental consent. As they did not see the need for a girl to study. Marc urged them to let her resume school and told them that the association will take charge of these costs. Fortunately, the parents told Mark she was going to school again. The association will financially assist this family and their 2 children together with the social services of the municipality.

The day was concluded with a visit to the 2 volunteers from Toulouse, Freddy and  Céline, on the construction site of the 18th house in this village. They could give their impressions on their mission to the TV reporter.

This program with a duration of 20′ was broadcasted on Tuesday 13/11/2012. When you have not see it yet, you can watch it here.

We would like to thank VTC10 and all the participants (visible or not, because not everything that was filmed is visible in the film) to have made this film possible.