2/11/2012 : Marc accompanied 2 young volunteers from Toulouse to Gia Canh. They are going to help with the construction of a house.


The houses financed and built with the help of the Canadian volunteers, Estelle and Camille, and the French volunteers, Pierre-Yves and Laura, are ready. These are the pictures of these houses. Read the testimonials of Estelle and Camille, and Pierre-Yves and Laura.





These are the pictures of one of the houses almost finished and financed by NewTech. The handover of the keys will take place at the end of the month.

We thank all the donators and volunteers for their contributions.

If you are interested to finance a house for a poor family for 35 million VND (only 1.400 € at the current exchange rate), contact us:  [email protected].


Read more about our action charity houses.