22/12/2017: Awakening at 04:00 to inaugurate 2 charity houses in the province of Đồng Nai funded by “BASAID”, first to the family of ông Đỗ Xuân Trường and his 2 children – ấp 2 xã Núi Tượng , huyện Tân Phú …. . https://goo.gl/maps/jzPAVPA9D682 ebordering the Nam Cát Tiên Forest
Then, in Xã Gia Canh, Huyện Định Quán, for the Dong Hồ Văn Măng family and his 2 children, his wife has to make frequent stays in the hospital – khu KDC 2 – 6p 6, xã Gia Canh, Huyện Định Quan …  Định Quán …https://goo.gl/maps/teJ9Ns2BuGE2
It remains to finish the electrical installation and plumbing … We have distributed all the clothes shipped from France that we still have in stock to the poor hamlet.