02/11/2017: End of mission for the 12 volunteers of “Bellerive Vietnam” (Saintes – Charente-Maritime) with the inauguration of the charity house they offered to Mr. Nguyễn Chánh Cung, his wife Kim Hạnh, their daughter Huỳnh Hân and their son Phú Đạt, a ceremony both friendly and full of emotions.
A big thank you to this nice team who went back to France this morning (ALBERT Alexandre – DUPAQUIER Marie – LESIGNE Stéphane – LESIGNE Lucas – LESIGNE Marie – Océane – COMBAUD Dylan – RIÉ Nicolas – PAGENEAU Lauriane – BRUNET Lauriane – BOMMENSATH Monique – SAUVAGEAU – DEBORDE Iona – DEBORDE – DEMENED Corinne).



Day 9 of the group “Bellerive”: yesterday, they made painting, mortar, sieving sand … At noon they gave a Pineau des Charentes taste to the Vietnamese and they did not have the success they expected … (different tastes). In the morning, they went to the local market to shop for lunch (dried fish, noodles, grapes ..). A shopkeeper offered them coffee on the way home. The toilets are under construction and the main house is now finished, paintings and tiling.
Day 10: they continue the same activities: preparation of mortar and cement, finish of windows and the entrance door, sieving of sand. During the meal, the children of the family sang together. Tomorrow the volunteers will go to Saigon to make their last purchases while the workers will finish the work for the inauguration of the house on Thursday morning.

Day 6: During our usual bike ride, Lauriane B. misses the water after a beautiful fall without gravity. Arrived on the construction site, Marie and Lucas began to paint a window and a door of the house. Meanwhile, the others scratch the old paint to restore color. Each of us is interviewed on the progress of the mission to integrate it into the film of our adventure. At 11am, we eat a meal again cooked by the two countries … We prepared water bindweed and Vietnamese grapefruit and we set the table. During the meal, the young boy of the family gave us a nice drawing. As a result, we resume our respective positions while part of the group is making plaster and paint. Some young people had fun with the children of the family joined by their friends. On the program: hopscotch, castles, football, badminton, weaving of leaves, crown workshop, as well as drawings.
An open mind for all!
After that, we decided to take a well-deserved break around a cold drink. Minh introduces us to painting with grass brushes made by a worker that morning. At 17h, everyone gets on their bike and we go back to the hotel. ”


22/10/2017: Arrival of the group “Bellerive” with an hour delay. We take the road to Cần Giuộc, with a stop to buy water and change the euros in VND then deposit the luggage at the motel (Nhà Nghỉ) where the group will stay for 2 weeks. With Mr. Sang, head of the local Red Cross, we take everyone to meet the family who will benefit from the house that the group has financed. At 2 km from the yard the bus driver refuses to continue on the path too narrow for his taste, for fear of scratching the body of the vehicle … Unforeseen situation, but in Vietnam we adapt quickly and a motorcycle noria helps us to transport all our little world … Around 14:00 we will have a meal in a small outdoor restaurant friendly and exotic, the volunteers seem delighted … Later in the afternoon, we make them visit the orphanage “LEDD “And they take possession of the bikes they will use to go to their construction site 6 km from their hotel. Fatigue is felt, they will return to the motel to refresh and rest a little before dinner at 19:00. Presence scheduled on site tomorrow at 08:00 … Good luck to all and thank you to Liën, Minh and Patrice for their help.