05/09/2012: This morning there was a small ceremony for back to school of the children of the primary school “Binh Hung Hoa B”, Tan Binh District. We support the education of the poorest children by helping and encouraging them to continue their studies as well as participating in the purchase of material. The children received a dozen notebooks, some pens, 1 box of milk and a few treats offered by charitable organisations.
“Binh Hung Hoa B” school was opened for disadvantaged families in Tan Binh. There are 5 classes: lớp (class) 1 to 5 = (CP to CM2, elementary school and first three years of primary school). There are 151 children that go to school for half a day. There are 48 children in lớp 1, 27 in lớp 2, 28 in dans lớp 3, 32 in dans lớp 4 and 16 in lớp 5. There are 3 teachers who earn each about 50.000VND (= 2€) for half a day